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Elecro Evolution 2 Pool Heaters

Elecro Evolution 2 Pool Heater A fully titanium pool heater made in the UK by Elecro. The Evolution 2 pool or spa heater is the upgraded version of the Evolution providing efficiency, safety and reliability to smoothly heat your poor or spa to the...


Commercial Swimming Pool Multicyclone

Certikin Commercial Pool Multicyclone With 70 unique cyclones removing debris from the water prior to the filter The Certikin Multicyclone reduces debris in the filter and potentially decreases the time taken for backwashing providing efficiency, and...


Commercial Commercial Pool Air Scourers

Certikin Commercial Swimming Pool Air Scourers Certikin Air Scourers have only one moving part and that's the carefully balanced rotating impeller With no contact between the impeller and housing abrasion and wear is eliminated.  Completely...


Hydrostar MK4 Commercial Swimming Pool Pump


Hydrostar MK4 Commercial Swimming Pool Pump New for 2020 The new Hydrostar MK4 Commercial Pool Pump has been designed to provide a substantially quieter operation and improved flow rates then the MK3 version. A new reshaped design has optimised the...


500mm Disabled Access Commercial Pool Stair Ladders


500mm Disabled Access Commercial Swimming Pool Stair Ladders Disabled Access Swimming Pool Stairs/Ladder - 500mm Width These stairs are designed for ease of entry into exercise or hydrotherapy swimming pools where lifts are not required. These stairs...

Low Level Swimming Pool Enclosures

Low Level Commercial Swimming Pool Enclosures These low-level swimming pool enclosures have been designed to reduce the impact on your garden whilst extending your swimming season. The enclosure makes your pool area a safer place to be, stopping...