HLX Bobbin Wound Horizontal Commercial Pool Filters

HLX Bobbin Wound Horizontal Commercial Pool Filters

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£21,438.90 (Inc. VAT)
£17,865.75 (Ex. VAT)
Certikin HLX Pool Filters are sent on a 3 to 5 day delivery service

HLX Horizontal Commercial Pool Filters

Special Resins provide a watertight & anti-corrosive barrier

HLX Horizontal Commercial Pool Filters are manufactured with a liner employing special resins that form a watertight and anti-corrosive barrier that gives a high resistance to chemicals. HLX Bobbin Wound Horizontal Commercial Pool Filters are also suitable for salt water pools. An outer fibre-glass shell is applied to the liner, using the bobbin winding process giving the finished tank its final working and test ratings.

The standard filter is manufactured with a polyester shell.

For ozone systems a vinylester shell is available upon request. Includes pressure gauge panel. Working pressure: 2.5kg/cm2 / 35.56 psi / 2.45 bar Test pressure: 3.75kg/cm2 / 53.3 psi / 3.68 bar Special working pressure: 4kg / cm2 working pressure Maximum temperature: 50°C Available Options: Bed depths 0.6 metre, 1 metre and 1.2 metre.

HLX Horizontal Pool Filter Standard Features

  • Polyester shell lining
  • Polypropylene arm collectors
  • Automatic air relief valve
  • PVC distribution pipework
  • Ø400mm bolted top access hatch
  • Ø400mm bolted side access
  • Pressure gauge panel
  • Flanged inlet and outlet connections
  • Sand and water drain port

HLX Pool Filter - Ø2.0m Horizontal Bobbin Wound - 1.0m Bed Depth

Model Length Connections Flow Filtration Ex Vat Inc Vat
HLX2500110 2500mm long 110mm connections 75m3/ hr flow 15m3/hr/m2 filtration £17,865.75 £21,438.90
HLX3000125 3000mm long 125mm connections 80m3/ hr flow 15m3/hr/m2 filtration £19,318.25 £23,181.90
HLX3500140 3500mm long 140mm connections 105m3/ hr flow 15m3/hr/m2 filtration £20,252.00 £24,302.40
HLX2500125 2500mm long 125mm connections 100m3/ hr flow 20m3/hr/m2 filtration £18,127.20 £21,752.64
HLX3000140 3000mm long 140mm connections 120m3/ hr flow 20m3/hr/m2 filtration £19,505.00 £23,406.00
HLX3500160 3500mm long 160mm connections 140m3/ hr flow 20m3/hr/m2 filtration £20,667.00 £24,800.40
HLX2500160 2500mm long 160mm connections 150m3/ hr flow 30m3/hr/m2 filtration £18,214.35 £21,857.22
HLX3000160 3000mm long 160mm connections 180m3/ hr flow 30m3/hr/m2 filtration £19,712.50 £23,655.00
HLX3500200 3500mm long 200mm connections 210m3/ hr flow 30m3/hr/m2 filtration £21,106.90 £25,328.28
HLX2500200 2500mm long 200mm connections 200m3/ hr flow 40m3/hr/m2 filtration £18,911.55 £22,693.86
HLX3000200 3000mm long 200mm connections 240m3/ hr flow 40m3/hr/m2 filtration £20,999.00 £25,198.80
HLX3500225 3500mm long 225mm connections 280m3/ hr flow 40m3/hr/m2 filtration £21,646.40 £25,975.68
HLX3000225 3000mm long 225mm connections 300m3/ hr flow 50m3/hr/m2 filtration £21,106.90 £25,328.28

 HLX Pool Filter end dimensions view

Certikin HLX Horizontal Commercial Pool Filter end dimensions

  HLX Pool Filter side dimensions view

 Certikin HLX Horizontal Commercial Pool Filter side dimensions

 HLX Horizontal Pool Filter dimensions

HLX Horizontal Commercial Pool Filter dimensions chart

Technical Specifications

1.00 KGS

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