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Starting Blocks - Lane Ropes

SR Smith

Velocity Swimming Starting Blocks

Velocity Competition Swimming Starting Blocks The next generation in starting blocks Velocity Starting Platforms are designed for fast, solid starts. The sleek fibreglass footboard is rock solid & strong.  The powder-coated, stainless steel...

SR Smith

Velocity Advantage Swimming Starting Blocks

Velocity Advantage Swimming Starting Blocks from S.R. Smith Easily fitted to the pool bulkhead. Featuring strong fibreglass footboards with track start wedge on an HDPE composite base, Velocity Advantage swimming starting blocks are ideally suited for...

Waterpolo Floating Goal

Competition Floating Water Polo Swimming Pool Goal The Astral Floating Water Polo Goals are manufactured from stainless steel posts and crossbar and finished in white lacquered aluminium. Along with floats that have the same finished but are also filled...


Competition Swimming Pool Head Walls


Swimming Pool Head Walls These headwalls for competition swimming pools allows starting blocks to be attached. This addition extends our range of products for competition swimming pools. The item consists of an AISI-304 Stainless Steel structure and...

Swimming Pool Turning Panel 2m Lane Width

Swimming Pool Turning Panel 2m & 2.5m Lane Width Available in 2m (CPE-CEMTP20) and 2.5m (CPE-CEMTP25) - Please quote which size you require in order to recieve a correct price. Turning Panel Details Frame in stainless steel AISI-316, with...

Swimming Pool Lane Rope Roller


Competition Swimming Pool Lane Rope Roller The swimming pool lane rope roller is made in Stainless Steel AISI-304, fitted with a large wheel for operation. It is mounted on 4 castor wheels foreasy handling, two of these are fitted with brakes. Please...

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Swimming Pool Lane Rope Storage Basket


Competition Lane Rope Storage Basket A new trolley designed to transport and store lane ropes after use in the swimming pool. The lane rope storage basket is manufactured of AISI-316 Stainless Steel and includes a PVC bag for collecting excess water...

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