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Certikin AquaSpeed Swimming Pool Pump


Certikin Aqua Speed Swimming Pool Pump Combining high performance with a resilient, dependable finish, the Certikin Aqua Speed Swimming Pool Pump provides reliable water circulation and complete, user friendly efficiency. Featuring a clear pump lid for...

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Commercial Swimming Pool Multicyclone

Certikin Commercial Pool Multicyclone With 70 unique cyclones removing debris from the water prior to the filter The Certikin Multicyclone reduces debris in the filter and potentially decreases the time taken for backwashing providing efficiency, and...


Commercial Commercial Pool Air Scourers

Certikin Commercial Swimming Pool Air Scourers Certikin Air Scourers have only one moving part and that's the carefully balanced rotating impeller With no contact between the impeller and housing abrasion and wear is eliminated.  Completely...