Pool Filters

Welcome to our range of Commercial Swimming Pool Filters

Most of our commercial pool filters are available for delivery anywhere between 1 to 5 day's after your order is placed.  If it's urgent let us know we'll do our best to speed things up, if it's not listed we can normally source any current Astral or Certikin pool filter, just let us know and we'll try our best to get it sorted.


Certikin SLX OC-1 Commercial Swimming Pool Filter


Certikin OC-1 SLX Commercial Swimming Pool Filter The Certikin OC-1 swimming pool filter system is made from bobbin wound fibreglass along with polyester resin and the distribution and collection system are made from PVC/Polypropylene. The OC-1...


Commercial Swimming Pool Multicyclone

Certikin Commercial Pool Multicyclone With 70 unique cyclones removing debris from the water prior to the filter The Certikin Multicyclone reduces debris in the filter and potentially decreases the time taken for backwashing providing efficiency, and...


HLX Bobbin Wound Horizontal Commercial Pool Filters


HLX Horizontal Commercial Pool Filters Special Resins provide a watertight & anti-corrosive barrier HLX Horizontal Commercial Pool Filters are manufactured with a liner employing special resins that form a watertight and anti-corrosive barrier that...


Waterco Commercial Swimming Pool Split Tank Filter


Commercial Pool Split Tank Build on site! The both halves are assembled in the plant room making the Commercial Pool Split Tank Filter ideal for retrofitting.  The filter has been cunningly designed so it will fit through existing standard size...