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We stock a number of different categories for Automated or Robot pool cleaners, these range from Automatic Suction Cleaners to Automatic Electric Cleaners.


Dolphin Wave 50 Commercial Pool Cleaner


Dolphin Wave 50 Commercial Swimming Pool Cleaner A robust design which allows frequent use in any commercial swimming pool as well as being one of the most advanced pool cleaners the Dolphin Wave 50 will clean not just the floor and wall of your pool...


Dolphin Wave 300XL Commercial Pool Cleaner


Dolphin Wave 300XL Pool Cleaner Recommended for Olympic-sized and large commercial swimming pools. The professional answer for systematic, through and reliable pool cleaning for Olympic-sized and commercial pools and also the most cost-effective machine...

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Dolphin Wave 100 Commercial Pool Cleaner


Dolphin Wave 100 Commercial Automatic Pool Cleaner The highly efficient and fully automated Dolphin Wave 100 is a heavy-duty cleaner for pools up to 25 Metres in length. Accurate scanning and systematic coverage of the floor, walls and water-line of the...

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