Certikin SLX OC-1 Commercial Swimming Pool Filter

Certikin SLX OC-1 Commercial Swimming Pool Filter

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Certikin OC-1 SLX Commercial Swimming Pool Filter

The Certikin OC-1 swimming pool filter system is made from bobbin wound fibreglass along with polyester resin and the distribution and collection system are made from PVC/Polypropylene. The OC-1 commercial swiming pool filters are available in diameters ranging from 1050mm to 3000m along with a range of filtration rates: 11-30 M3/M2/Hr, 30-40 M3/M2/Hr, 40-50 M3/M2/Hr.

Certikin OC-1 Filtration System Features:

  • Supplied with gauges
  • 1 or 1.5m bed depth available
  • 50mm diameter laterals or plate and nozzle underdrain system
  • Filtration rate up to 11 M3/M2/Hr (POA)
  • Different pressure gauges and double effect air vent supplied

SLX OC-1 Filter Dimensions:

OC-1 Dimensions Graph

 Certikin SLX OC-1 Commercial Pool Filter

OC-1 SLX Diagram

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Technical Specifications

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