00144 and 00145 Competition swimming pool starting blocks from Astra Pool

Astral Commercial Starting Blocks for Competition Swimming Pools

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The Astral Competition Starting Blocks are dispatched in 7-10 working days

Astral Starting Blocks For Competition Swimming Pools

00144 & 00145
These competition swimming pool starting blocks from Astral are made from AISI-316 Stainless Steel. Adjustable platform in polyester & fibreglass with non-slip finish 500mm x 500mm. Number sequence not included. Anchoring fixtures included in the supply.

00144 and 00145 astral competition-swimming-pool-starting-blocks-a-sizes.jpg


00146 & 27578
These Astral Starting Blocks for competition swimming pools are made from AISI-304 Stainless Steel. The platform is constructed from Polyester and fibreglass with non-slip finish 500 mm x 500 mm. Number sequence not included.

  • Code 00146: For fixing with anchoring fixtures 00143 (not included)
  • Codes 27578: Embedding fixtures included in the supply

astra 00146 and 27578 commercial competition swimming pool starting blocks

Manuals & Downloads

 Astral Commercial Swimming Pool Competition Starting Block 00144 00145 00146 27578
Product Brochure

 00144 Astral Commercial Swimming Pool competition starting block podium
00144 Dimensions

 Dimensions for the Astral 00145 Commercial swimming pool starting blocks
00145 Dimensions

 astra 00146 and 27578 commercial competition swimming pool starting blocks
00146 & 27578 Dimensions

 Installation manual for the 00146 Astral Starting blocks for commercial competition swimming pools
00146 Installation Manual

 The installation manual for the 27578 Astral commercial swimming pool competiton starting blocks
27578 Installation Manual

Technical Specifications

0.11 KGS
Astral Pool
Model Numbers:
00144 / 00145 / 00146 / 27576

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