Optima Compact (All Titanium)

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Elecro Optima Compact Pool Heaters are sent on a 1 to 3 day delivery service

Optima Compact (All Titanium) Pool & Spa Heater

Top of the range, the Elecro Optima Compact (All Titanium) Pool Heater comes with touchscreen & is ideal for pools & spas.

Made in the UK by Elecro the Optima Compact Pool & Spa Heater provides maximum safety along with reliability and efficiency, designed to produce a highly robust and durable spa and pool heater.


  • Power Supply:  Single phase or three phase
  • Flow Requirements:  Minimum flow: 2-kW to 6-kW, 1m³/h Minimum flow: 9-kW to 24-kW, 4m³/h Maximum flow: 17m³/h
  • Heating Elements:  Grade 1 titanium
  • Flow Tube: Grade 1 titanium
  • Control Thermostat:  Touchscreen: 0 > 45°C (1.2°C differential)
  • Safety Thermal Cut Out:  60°C (manual reset)
  • Flow Switch:  Gold tipped reed switch with titanium fulcrum pin
  • Contactors:  Dual Siemens 3RT2023/3RT2027
  • Ingress Protection Rating:  IP44
  • Frequency:  50/60 Hz
  • Seals:  High temperature special formula EPDM ferrules, TPE end fitting gaskets
  • Water Connections:  1.5” BSP female thread supplied with 1½” / 50mm stepped ABS unions for rigid pipe and 1½” / 1¼” stepped hose tails for flexible pipe
  • Working Pressure:  4 bar maximum
  • Mounting:  Floor or wall mounting


Features & Benefits    

    Nine power options ranging from 2-kW to 24-kW
    Easy installation, fully equipped and pre-wired
    Robust, durable construction
    Ultra-reliable flow switch allows safe operation
    Fitted with temperature thermostat and overheating sensor
    Compact, durable design
    Touchscreen control with soft-start for power supply protection
    Titanium flow tube and titanium heating element(s)
    Can be floor or vertically wall mounted
    Vortex, long life, stay clean heating element technology
    100% efficiency throughout the product life
    Silent operation




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Elecro Optima Compact (All Titanium) Pool and Spa Heater

Code Touch Screen Controller Ex Vat Inc Vat
OCPD-1-2 2-KW 9-AMP 1PHASE 220-240V £816.00 £979.20
OCPD-1-3 3-KW 13-AMP 1PHASE 220-240V £834.00 £1,000.80
OCPD-1-4 4.5-KW 20-AMP 1PHASE 220-240V £850.00 £1,020.00
OCPD-1-6 6-KW 27-AMP 1PHASE 220-240V £868.00 £1,041.60
OCPD-1-9 9-KW 40-AMP 1PHASE 220-240V £910.00 £1,092.00
OCPD-1-12 12-KW 53-AMP 1PHASE 220-240V £928.00 £1,113.60
OCPD-1-15 15-KW 66-AMP 1PHASE 220-240V £1,096.00 £1,315.20
OCPD-1-18 18-KW 79-AMP 1PHASE 220-240V £1,158.00 £1,389.60
OCPD-V-6 6-KW 27/9-AMP 1/3PHASE 230V/400V £1,036.00 £1,243.20
OCPD-V-9 9-KW 40/13-AMP 1/3PHASE 230V/400V £1,056.00 £1,267.20
OCPD-V-12 12-KW 53/18-AMP 1/3PHASE 230V/400V £1,076.00 £1,291.20
OCPD-V-6-380 6-KW 28/10-AMP 1/3PHASE 220V/380V £1,036.00 £1,243.20
OCPD-V-9-380 9-KW 41/14-AMP 1/3PHASE 220V/380V £1,056.00 £1,267.20
OCPD-V-12-380 12-KW 55/19-AMP 1/3PHASE 220V/380V £1,076.00 £1,291.20
OCPD-V-6-415 6-KW 25/9-AMP 1/3PHASE 240V/415V £1,036.00 £1,243.20
OCPD-V-9-415 9-KW 38/13-AMP 1/3PHASE 240V/415V £1,056.00 £1,267.20
OCPD-V-12-415 12-KW 50/17-AMP 1/3PHASE 240V/415V £1,076.00 £1,291.20
OCPD-3-15 15-KW 22-AMP 3PHASE 400V £1,096.00 £1,315.20
OCPD-3-18 18-KW 26-AMP 3PHASE 400V £1,158.00 £1,389.60
OCPD-3-24 24-KW 35-AMP 3PHASE 400V £1,190.00 £1,428.00
OCPD-3-15-380 15-KW 23-AMP 3PHASE 380V £1,096.00 £1,315.20
OCPD-3-18-380 18-KW 28-AMP 3PHASE 380V £1,158.00 £1,389.60
OCPD-3-24-380 24-KW 37-AMP 3PHASE 380V £1,190.00 £1,428.00
OCPD-3-15-415 15-KW 26-AMP 3PHASE 415V £1,096.00 £1,315.20
OCPD-3-18-415 18-KW 26-AMP 3PHASE 3Phase 415V £1,158.00 £1,389.60
OCPD-3-24-415 24-KW 34-AMP 3PHASE 415V £1,190.00 £1,428.00
OCPD-3-6-D 6-KW 15-AMP 3PHASE 220-240V £1,096.00 £1,315.20
OCPD-3-9-D 9-KW 23-AMP 3PHASE 220-240V £1,116.00 £1,339.20
OCPD-3-12-D 12-KW 30-AMP 3PHASE 220-240V £1,136.00 £1,363.20
OCPD-3-15-D 15-KW 38-AMP 3PHASE 220-240V £1,190.00 £1,428.00
OCPD-3-18-D 18-KW 46-AMP 3PHASE 220-240V £1,236.00 £1,483.20



Technical Specifications

0.10 KGS

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