Swimming pool dividing walls

Swimming pool dividing walls

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The SR Smith SwimWall system is shipped in 6 to 10 weeks from order

SwimWall Swimming Pool Dividing Walls

SwimWall Swimming Pool Dividers, bringing flexibility and providing more opportunity for increased revenue.

A flexible solution to dividing the pool

The swim wall pool dividers system from SR Smith can be customised to separate a swimming pool into multiple smaller areas, creating maximum pool space for a variety of activities.

How Swim Wall Pool Dividers Work

Air is pumped into the wall causing it to move into the vertical position within seconds. Lane ropes can be left in place during this process. A large stainless steel pin and locking mechanism secure the SwimWall to the pool wall. To lower the wall the pin is retracted, the SwimWall is then gently pushed to one side.

Just fold them away when not needed

SwimWall Swimming Pool Dividers lay on the pool floor when not in use. The walls are filled with air to move the wall into a vertical position; this forms a pool wall that is designed to fit around lane ropes. Using this system to divide the pool, it effectively doubles the number of lanes, or provides the flexibility to have some 50 metre swimming pool lanes, and others set to 25 metres.


Technical Specifications

2.01 KGS

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