S.R. Smith Vortex Commercial Spiral Swimming Pool Slide (Vortex Blue)

S.R. Smith Vortex Commercial Spiral Swimming Pool Slide

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The SR Smith Vortex is will soon be available & sent on a 5 to 10 day delivery service!

Vortex Commercial Swimming Pool Slide by S.R. Smith

Big slide with a twist in the tail!

Available with ladder or spiral staircase

With either open or closed flume the flexible Vortex pool slide brings another level of poolside thrills to either commercial or high end residential swimming pools.


The high-volume water delivery system can give up to 30 gallons per minute.  Deck space needed: 9'9" by 9'9" (with ladder) or 11'4" by 9'9" (with staircase).  Height 10’7” (7'6" to seat), 19' corkscrew runway.


• Accommodates users up to 23 stone/147kg
• Sturdy rotomolded construction for strength and durability
• 30 gallons max, water delivery system which can be plumbed into the pool’s return line
• For use with in-ground swimming pools only

Price in the region of £16,000 to be added shortly


Technical Specifications

2.01 KGS

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