Certikin Commercial Overflow Octagon Spa

Certikin Commercial Overflow Octagon Spa

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Certikin Commercial Overflow Tiled Octagon Spa

Often used within the commercial sector, overflow spas have cememted themselves as the perfect choice for leisure centres and wellness spa's. Designed to hold a higher number of bathers compared to domestic spa's along with features such as an grated area around the spa to collect the overflow water, which is then filtered back into the balance tank.

Commercial Overflow Octagon Spa Specifications:

  • Overflow grating
  • Multiple jet configuration
  • Piezo or air switches
  • Underwater LED light (White or Colour Change)
  • Chrome and stainless steel fittings
  • Automatic top-up connection
  • Stainless steel leg kit
  • Fully insulated shell

Other Details:

  • Standard or bespoke options available - A wide range of flexibility with regards to shapes, sizes, jet arrangements.
  • Can be made in sections for ease of site access restrictions (these are joined onsite by the factory engineers)
  • If you would like to use a tile not in our range then we can get these checked by the factory for suitability
  • All spas come with support frame and leg kit for ease of leveling

Technical Specifications

0.10 KGS

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