BluPool Disability Mobile Swimming Pool Hoist

BluPool Disabled Pool Hoist

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150.00 KGS

BluPool Disability Mobile Swimming Pool Hoist

Enabling users with reduced mobility to access a swimming pool in a safe and comfortable way.

The BluPool Mobile Disability Swimming Pool Access Hoist is not just designed with disabled users in mind, the BluPool can also be used for anyone who may have trouble getting in or indeed out of a swimming pool. This easy to use lift can transport users from changing rooms to the pool side.

BluPool Safety Features:

  • Key start and emergency stop button
  • Handbrake - up and down controls not active unless handbrake is on
  • Stainless steel supports active when lowering user
  • Emergency manual pump
  • Rubber stoppers on front and rear wheels

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Technical Specifications:

Maximum Capacity (KG): 140
Maximum Arm Travel (MM): 1400
Depth of Seat Inside Water (MM): 820
Time of Lowering with Weight: 25 Seconds
Time of Lifting with Weight: 18 Seconds
Weight of Hoist (KG): 150
Battery: 12v
Power: 24v

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