Affinity Power Therapist Upgrade for Sports Therapy Massage Couches

Affinity Power Therapist Upgrade Pack for Marlin and Versatile Massage Couch

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Affinity Power Therapist Upgrade Pack

Face Cradle and Arm Rest for Affinity Marlin and Versatile Massage Couches

Product Details:

  • Upgrade your Affinity Marlin or Versalite massage therapy table with a detatchable face cradle and arm rest.
  • Fits into your carry case’s outer pouch.
  • This upgrade is specifically designed for the Affinity Marlin and Affinity Versalite.
  • Suitable for sports physio, massage and beauty therapists.
  • For more complex treatment and positioning options creating the ultimate experience for your clients.
  • Available in Navy or White to complement your Affinity massage table.

Technical Specifications

0.10 KGS

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