Dolphin Dynamic Pro x2 Commercial Swimming Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Dynamic Pro x2 Commercial Swimming Pool Cleaner

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Dolphin Dynamic Pro X2 Commercial Swimming Pool Cleaner

Ideal for all types of pools. It has a number of cleaning programs. It scans the bottom of the pool. Thorough cleaning. Frequency for climbing walls. It includes a remote control and a swivel to prevent cables from tangling. For pools of up to 25 x 12 m.

Using the Dolphin in your pool will:
• Save water and energy.
• Help to prevent germination of algae and bacteria.
• Reduce the number of required backwashes.

Dolphin Dynamic ProX 2 features and benefits

• Scrubs, brushes, vacuums and filters the entire pool-floor, walls and waterline.
• Extra robust robot designed for frequently use in commercial pool.
• Gyroscopically tracking system enables accurate and effective scanning.
• Large self-contained inner ultra-fine Micronics filter bag collects dirt, debris and
even fine dust particles.
• Wireless remote control enables automatic and manual operation - easily select
parameters including: Cycle time, Climbing frequency, Pool length, Regular or
Ultraclean, Lap pool and Waterline.
• Environmentally-friendly cleaning process - disperses chemicals evenly in the
pool, and therefore reduces the use of chlorine and other chemicals.
• Patented cable swivel prevents cable tangling.
• Dual motor manoeuvrability for precise performance.
• Patented clogged filter bag indicator ensures ongoing cleaning efficiency.
• Equipped with combined brushes to suit every pool type.
• Low voltage – low energy consumption.
• Automatic shut off at end of cycle time.
• Obstacle escape.
• Motor protection mechanism in case of over load and out of water.
• Suitable for beach entry pools.
• 24 months warranty.

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