Commercial Astral Swimming Pool Cleaners

Commercial Astral Swimming Pool Cleaners

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Commercial Astral Swimming Pool Cleaners

Astral Magnum Automatic Suction Commercial Swimming Pool Cleaner


The Astral Magnum is the perfect robotic swimming pool cleaner for medium sized commercial or public swimming pools. It's designed to be used in swimming facilities at schools, universities, hospitals and the hotel/motel industry. This unit is fully automatic and completely self-contained. The magnum requires no special hook-up or hoses.

The Astral Magnum swimming pool cleaner is engineered to clean every square centimetre of your commercial swimming pool. The Magnum is engineered to clean every square centimetre of your pool. The Magnum pool cleaning machine automatically changes direction in different angles with the patented Aqua Smart System. With the Qua Smart system installed, the Magnum cleans your entire pool bottom in 4 hours or less.

In addition to the 4-hour cleaning cycle, the operator can use the remote-control feature of the Magnum for quick spot cleaning. With the touch of a button, this swimming pool cleaning machine can be steered 360 degrees in any direction.

Magnum Swimming Pool Cleaner Specifications:

Model: Ultrabot Magnum

For pools of: 25m x 60m

Volume of water filtered: 5019 gallons per hour or 19.0 cubic meter per hour

Floating Cable Length: 100 feet or 30 meters

Drive motor: Two - 24V DC, brush less High-Speed submersible

Pump motor: 24V DC Brushless Submersible
Filter: Reusable 2 Micron Large Capacity

Electrical Specifications: 115 V/60 Hz, 300W 12A - 230V/ 50 Hz, 300 W 12A
voltage in water 24 Volt

Dimensions: 23.6" X 15" 10.5" or 60 X 38.1 X 26.67cm

Weight (w/o cables): 28.6 lbs. or 13 Kg

Shipping Dimensions: 29" X 20.5" X 18"
or 73.66 X 52.07 X 45.72cm

Shipping Weight: 83 lbs. or 37.6Kg


Astral Magnum Junior Automatic Suction Commercial Swimming Pool Cleaner



The Astral Magnum Junior swimming pool cleaner has been engineered to clean every square centimeter of your swimming pool. The unique Aqua Smart System enables the Aquabot Magnum Junior to navigate its way around any pool shape. This patented cleaning program and your pool’s specific parameters enables it to brush, scrub and vacuum the entire pool floor in 3, 5 or 7 hours depending on requirement, as well as incorporating a programmable delay.

The Magnum Junior commercial pool cleaner/pool vacuum is perfect for swimming facilities up to 20m in length like those found at many hotels and motels, schools and universities, hospitals and rehabilitation centres, recreation and fitness clubs and many other facility types. Magnum Junior swimming pool cleaning machine is the only cleaner of its size to boast so many standard operating features for low initial investment.

Magnum Junior Swimming Pool Cleaner Specifications:

Calculated ground speed: 16 meter/min

Calculated scanning rate: 400 m2 / hr

Cleaning Programs: Six cleaning programs to choose from

Pumping Capacity: (automatically controlled) 22 m3 / hr

Filter Bag: 2 micron reusable bag

Cable length: 30m Pump Unit- Power consumption: 120W / 24V DC / 5 A

Power Supply: 230 V / 50 Hz

Electronic Control: Automatic shutdown

Wireless Remote Control Unit:

♦ Transmission up to: 30m

♦ Batteries: Lithium 3.6V

Manual remote control programming

Unit weight (without cable):10.2 kg

Shipping dimensions: 88.5 x 51.5 x 54.5 cm


Astral Ultramax Automatic Suction Commercial Swimming Pool Cleaner



The Astral Ultramax swimming pool cleaner which is best suited for a 50 m pool and covers 1156 square meters per hour.

All pool cleaners filter down to a 2-micron particle size, allowing them not only to pick up the finest debris, they also improve the water quality, via additional filtration through the cleaner. These are the only cleaners that clean and scrub your commercial swimming pool while filtering the water at the same time, right down to 2 microns!

FYI, typical sand filters are 10-15 microns, while DE Filters are 5 microns, approximately.

These are the only cleaners that filter down to 2 microns!

The actual volume of water ‘filtered’ by the Magnum Commercial Pool Cleaner is 19.0 cubic metres per hour, the Jnr will filter 34.0 cubic metres per hour and the Ultramax Commercial Pool Cleaner 38.0 cubic meters per hour.

The filter bags are re-usable and are easily cleaned.

These cleaners have been engineered to clean every square centimetre of your pool. They all automatically change direction on the swimming pool’s floor with their unique cleaning program. This program enables the cleaner's to brush and vacuum the entire pool floor.

In addition to the automatic cleaning program, the operator can use the remote control feature of the cleaner for quick and accurate spot cleaning. With the touch of a button the cleaner can be steered 360' in any direction, for fast and accurate cleaning.
All cleaners supplied are electrically safe, as the voltage in the water is reduced down to 24 DC Volts, through the isolation transformer supplied.

These cleaners are not only economical to purchase; the replacement parts are realistically priced, available ex-stock.

Features of the Ultramax swimming pool cleaner model also include:

Heavy duty one piece moulded body and handle.

Heavy duty stainless steel side plates and adjustable belt tension.

PVA Foam type brushes are now standard on all models.

Rubber wear protectors are fitted to the side plates and cable.

Redesigned motors to improve reliability and electronics.

Fully adjustable Isolation Transformer allows you to program the cleaner to work in conditions that best suit your pool!

1. Operating time- ranging from 3,5,7,9 or 12 hours
2. Pool length- 25m, 35m or 50m.
3. Surface material- 4 options.
4. Delay time-select one of five options up to 5 hours.

Other features include LCD display on transformer showing above, plus ‘filter bag full’ indicator, running time, error codes and a test mode.

To ensure reliability the Ultramax pool cleaner is built to ISO quality assurance standards and every unit is test run for 10 hours before it is shipped from the factory!

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